Sea Freight

Sea Freight
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According to statistics, 90% of the commercial shipping is carried out via waterways. Shipment of many cargos is either impossible or economically unjustified in any way except maritime transportation.

When the dimensions, volume or the weight of cargo seems to be problematic in other transportation methods, sea freight steps in.

A container ship can carry 20000 TEUs long containers in a single trip.

The bigger the scale, the less each unit will cost. For that, sea freight is the most affordable shipping method.

The delivery time on the other will be longer compared to other methods, but with precise timing, the prime cost can be brought to a minimum.

      Full Container Load (FCL)

      Groupage Cargo Shipping (LCL)

      Refrigerated Container Shipping

      Issuance of Bill of Lading

      Shipment of Bulk and Break Bulk Cargo & Chartering

      Shipment of Oversized and Heavy Lift Cargo

      Shipment of Dangerous Cargo

      Customs Formalities